Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 111: Cool

I said, "Give me a cool face" and this is what I got.


Day 110: Lunch at B3

With Marcus even. Notice a pattern?

Apologies to the person I unwittingly added to my 365... And also for being too lazy to straighten this pic.

Day 109: Dinner at B3

Ryann had a dinner date with Marcus. She ate some chips and a bite of bagel to get what she REALLY wanted, ice cream.

Day 108: Snow

The last sputters of winter.

Alternate: some kick ass nachos Laina made for me.

Day 107: Kite

The rain gave way to a cloudy, windy day and we got some GREAT kite flying in.

Day 106: Hopscotch

Just one of many, many rainy days this month. We decided to go outside anyway and made the world's LONGEST hopscotch.

Day 105: Lunch

Grabbing lunch at Sprau. Been walking through here for years.